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It’s been over 10 years now since lenders stopped making HELOC’s in large quantities. Those HELOC’s made from 2002 through 2008 were 10 year interest only loans and have all now ‘reset’. Banks are no longer ‘Settling” HELOC’s. It’s over.

Inflection Point

The new inflection point will occur once home ownership turns back up. During to Real Estate boom in the early to mid 2000’s Home ownership hit it’s highest level ever… Then it hit its lowest point during the Great Recession. So here we are waiting for the next generation, Millennials to jump in. The issues now, moving forward is that we have 20+ Trillion in debt and rates are looking to increase. Can you say, ‘Inflation’? It will be very interesting where this goes by our next election; 2020. Hopefully it becomes ‘clearer’ in 2020 (Pun intended)!

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My husband and I were extremely skeptical from the get go. It seemed too good to be anything but a scam. My husband being in law enforcement for over 20 years, myself in the financial services industry have heard and seen it all. We did our due diligence ten times over before finally deciding that this company was probably legitimate. We moved forward in working with Chris Lagerson and everything moved forward very fast and we were constantly kept up to date on our loan settlement progress.

We are now free of our $196,000 HELOC and we settled for a mere $15,000! I’m so glad we did this and I would highly recommend this company. I just checked our credit report today and our Citi HELOC shows a zero balance/closed and settled for less than owed.

Chris is worth his weight in gold and I will definitely refer clients to him.

Saved $181,000 & $531 per month

Financial Planer from Stevenson Ranch, CA

I know it’s hard to believe at first with all other promising debt reduction related mails coming to your house but according to my experience with Christopher….we did it! Plus he is there to walking you through the process, he does all this by himself and answers the phone too!

Saved $133,000 & $1,089 per month

Business owner from La Habra, CA

I just got my Citibank HELCO statement and today it officially reads $ 0 balance. Thank you so much for your efforts in negotiating a settlement for us with the bank. It took me a year to finally contact you, because I really didn’t see how your service could be on the up and up. I am a true believer for sure. You helped us eliminate $108,000 of debt for an 8% settlement. Thank you so very much!

Saved $99,000 & $239 per month

School Teacher from Pleasanton, CA

When I received a letter from Eliminate Your Equity Line, I was understandably skeptical. I thought there was no way this can be true, it must be some kind of scam. I was wrong, because Tammy and Chris just helped me settle my $435,000 HELOC for $100,000.

I was reaching a point of desperation. In the last several years, my income had dropped significantly and the value of my home had plummeted. I had a large HELOC with an adjustable rate. Although I was able to make my current monthly payments and was not delinquent, I was VERY worried about my ability to pay my HELOC if rates jumped.

I had contacted my lender personally attempting to refinance, combine my first with my HELOC and/or lock the rate on my HELOC. My lender was completely unhelpful. If you are current on your payments, have good credit and decent income, they are simply not interested in talking. That attitude is what helped me get over the “moral” struggle of not paying my debts.

I responded to the Eliminate Your Equity Line flyer and inquired about their process. I decided to give them a try thinking I had nothing to lose. I was asked to send them personal information and was reluctant to do so. I knew I had to so I actually signed up for an identity theft protection service, just in case. Thankfully I did not need it.

Saved $335,000 & $827 per month

Director UBS Wealth Management from Boulder, CO

I’ll admit it, I’m a skeptical kind of person. In fact, I just looked at the letter for 2 months before I even called to ask any questions.

Even then, I was doubtful. But when Chris convinced me that there were no up front fees, I decided to roll the dice, And I’m glad I did.

Frankly, it was an amazing experience. After completing the paperwork and copying the necessary documents (the biggest pain in the whole process), I sent the information to Chris and waited to get turned down but I didn’t. In less than a month Chris presented me with an offer for a 90% write down. Of course I accepted and now have an amazing story to tell my friends.

I’m sure most of you will say yeah, yeah yeah and I understand that. But I also understand fortune favors the bold; In my case a six figure savings!

Saved $147,000 & $358 per month Businessman from Scottsdale, AZ

When I was first looking at this heloc reduction, I thought it might be a scam. As a retired police officer, I tried to check the company’s background and also with Citibank to see if they knew anything about this company. No luck here. So I was very hesitant to have them work on my heloc. But the fact that I would not pay a dime until I got my reduction made me feel better. So the only thing that I would be vulnerable to would be identification theft. But I had that covered since I have an ID protection coverage plan. Long story short, I got rid of a $77,000 heloc with only a payout of $7000. Both Tammy and Chris were great and the process went very smoothly. It took a couple of months, but I was informed of everything going on in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company to do a great job for you too.

Saved $77,000 & $179 per month

Retired Police Officer from Long Beach, CA

I would like to thank Christopher Lagerson for the helping me eliminate my equity line of credit. I was in a difficult situation as I had a large HELOC in the amount of $659,000.00 I was able to settle with the Bank for a small faction of the amount. Christopher is a consummate professional who works diligently to help his clients and takes a personal interest in each loan transaction. When he was able to help me eliminate my equity line of credit, it was if the world was standing on my shoulders and it stepped off.

Consumers looking at obtaining a professional and ethical company for loan modification are usually at risk as many of the companies that advertise are either violating the law by charging upfront fees, or they are simply ineffective. Christopher is ethical and successful, I am a California lawyer, and I was very pleased to let Christopher represent me, I knew that I was protected as I would owe him nothing if he was not successful. He worked hard and never gave up, and the communication was excellent.

There is an excellent discussion on the State Bar website which warns consumers about unethical loan modification companies. Christopher complies with all of the legal requirements while offering a effective and competent representation. I would recommend him to anyone who is living under the burden of a HELOC. He will treat your confidential file with care, and done of your financial records will be revealed to anyone except the Bank you are dealing with.

Saved $559,000 & $2,346 per month

Attorney from Laguna Beach, CA

Remarkable! Saved me from a short sale by eliminating my HELOC – sold my house and made $110,000 on the sale. Very skeptical at first but Christopher’s ownership and knowledge led me to change my housing situation and outlook. I truly thank him for this service and would be happy to recommend him to anyone.

Saved $283,000 & $2,149 per month

Attorney from Stamford, CT

My Citibank equity line had a balance of $110,000. It got settled for just under $11,000. I was skeptical at first, but as he explained it to me, in the end I worked directly with the bank, so there were no doubts at that point. Chris worked with me through out the process and got it all done as promised. Just amazing!!!

Saved $99,000 & $251 per month

Software Engineer from Trabuco Canyon, CA

I cautiously responded to Chris’s letter when we were faced with a relocation hardship. After I described our situation, Chris gave me his opinion that a short sale was a better option than settling my Citi 2nd. Right away he earned my trust because he would not make any money that way. My wife and I decided we wanted to keep the property so I called again and pressed him further.

Since he wasn’t going to charge for services until a settlement was finalized, the only other concerns I had were identity theft and what was his contract going to look like. Being in the real estate industry, I drilled him and realized he was too deep with knowledge about what he was promising to do that the chances of this being a scam were low. Then when I saw the contract, it was short and clean. We took a leap of faith and are glad we did. Now we are at ease with our property, and I am recommending him to friends in the same situation.

Saved $97,000 & $338 per month

Real Estate Broker from Danville, CA

Chris, Just FYI, my credit score went from 735 to 721 based on the reported Settlement. Thought this might be useful data when talking to folks, thanks again.

Saved $138,000 & $400 per month

Vice President of SAIC from Escondido, CA

Chris and his team over delivered on my needs in my Line of Credit reduction. Quite honestly I was skeptical after first talking with Chris because I did not meet him in person and needed to send him a lot of personal information. In the end though all of my concerns went away when I worked with Chris and his team and ultimately they delivered the LOC reduction I was looking for. It made a big difference. I’m happy to endorse Chris and his product based on the results he delivered.

Saved $125,000 & $311 per month

Brand manager at Proctor and Gamble from Danville, CA

Because Christopher was able to eliminate my equity line, my outlook has changed dramatically knowing that that loan is no longer there. I am an executive for a “large” bank and I could not have done what he did, he will get all my referrals. Simply a game changer for me and my family.

Saved $165,000 & $269 per month

Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank from San Ramon, CA

When I first contacted Chris I thought no way, but his communication, knowledge of the process and understanding of my situation convinced me to move ahead. While still a little unsure though the process he delivered big time!!! We saved $199,000 and zeroed out our equity line. Our future is bright because of Chris.

Saved $199,000 & $558 per month

Fire Fighter from Monrovia, CA

Seasoned professional with know-how. Not sure how he does it but he saved me a ton. Faster than I thought too.

Saved 276,000 & $747 per month

Attorney from Orinda, CA

I wanted to thank you both for your time, professionalism and reassurance throughout this process. Your availability by phone and email to answer questions along the way was greatly appreciated. As you know, I received your marketing letter back in late 2011 (Oct or Nov). I was skeptical, but something made me hold onto it, read it a few more times, and it wasn’t until January before I called you to see if this was for real and if I could really be helped.

I am so glad I did this! I am a school administrator from Sacramento, this decision has dramatically changed my financial outlook and provided a huge relief for my family. We are so much more free and have financial peace. We saved $110,000 & $938 per month!

Saved $110,000 & $938 per month

High School Principle from Citrus Heights, CA