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Top 3 questions:

1. How do we get paid?

2. What does this do to my credit?

3. What kind of tax liability is there with this?



We get paid a percent of the amount we save you. We do not earn anything unless we can eliminate your equity line. This truly is performance based, if we can not deliver you pay nothing.



In my experience along with past clients is between a 15-30 point credit score reduction if you’re in the 600 range, 30-50 points in the 700 credit range and 50-80 points in the 800 credit range respectively.

This is a bi-product of how the lender will report to credit bureaus, the verbiage reads “Paid In Full For Less Than The Full Balance”.



There is a law called the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (,,id=179414,00.html) that states any cancellation of mortgage debt through a 1099-C on your primary home under $1,000,000 is non taxable. You will want to read this information and/or have a tax professional explain how this applies to you.

Furthermore, On your settlement letter, once received – states: “Upon receipt of settlement proceeds, >Name of lender < will release its mortgage on the property, will not pursue the customer for the remainder of the debt”. This means once it’s done, it’s done and they will not and can not come after you in the future.

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