RESULTS! The first 100 Settled HELOC’s & Second Loans…
Highest Loan
Lowest Loan
Ave Loan Amt
Ave Settlement %
Ave $’s Saved
Ave % Saved


Saved $133,000 & $1,089 per month
I know it’s hard to believe at first with all other promising debt reduction related mails coming to your house but according to my experience with Christopher….we did it! Plus he is there to walking you through the process, he does all this by himself and answers the phone too!
Saved $133,000 & $1,089 per month La Habra, CA

Saved $99,000 & $251 per month
My Citibank equity line had a balance of $110,000. It got settled for just under $11,000. I was skeptical at first, but as he explained it to me, in the end I worked directly with the bank, so there were no doubts at that point. Chris worked with me through out the process and got it all done as promised. Just amazing!!!
Saved $99,000 & $251 per month Trabuco Canyon, CA
Saved $138,000 & $400 per month

Just FYI, my credit score went from 735 to 721 based on the reported Settlement. Thought this might be useful data when talking to folks, thanks again.

Saved $138,000 & $400 per month Escondido, CA
Saved $165,000 & $269 per month
Because Christopher was able to eliminate my equity line, my outlook has changed dramatically knowing that that loan is no longer there. I am an executive for a “large” bank and I could not have done what he did, he will get all my referrals. Simply a game changer for me and my family.
Saved $165,000 & $269 per month San Ramon, CA
Saved $199,000 & $558 per month
When I first contacted Chris I thought no way, but his communication, knowledge of the process and understanding of my situation convinced me to move ahead. While still a little unsure though the process he delivered big time!!! We saved $199,000 and zeroed out our equity line. Our future is bright because of Chris.
Saved $199,000 & $558 per month Monrovia, CA
Saved 276,000 & $747 per month
Seasoned professional with know-how. Not sure how he does it but he saved me a ton. Faster than I thought too.
Saved 276,000 & $747 per month Orinda, CA
Saved $100,000 & $938 per month
I wanted to thank you both for your time, professionalism and reassurance throughout this process. Your availability by phone and email to answer questions along the way was greatly appreciated. As you know, I received your marketing letter back in late 2011 (Oct or Nov).

I was skeptical, but something made me hold onto it, read it a few more times, and it wasn’t until January before I called you to see if this was for real and if I could really be helped. I am so glad I did this! I am a school administrator from Sacramento, this decision has dramatically changed my financial outlook and provided a huge relief for my family. We are so much more free and have financial peace. We saved $110,000 & $938 per month!

Saved $100,000 & $938 per month Citrus Heights, CA